Samsung Shows World’s First Curved OLED TV at CES 2013

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Samsung Curved OLED TV CES 2013

What does the future of screen technology look like?  It’s curved of course!  At least that’s how Samsung feels.  The company revealed the world’s first curved OLED TV at the CES 2013 taking place this week in Las Vegas.  Samsung`s Curved OLED TV creates a panorama effect not possible with flat-panel TVs, and promises a more immersive viewing experience. When users watch captivating content such as vast landscapes and scenes from nature on the Curved OLED TV, the display enhances the content, allowing the viewer to be encompassed by the beauty of the images.   The curved panel is said to offer the same picture quality from any angle.  The panel on display appears to be about 55 inches.

Rumors have also surfaced that Samsung may be working on a new Galaxy smartphone which will offer a curved screen.  Whether we’ll actually see curved TVs in our home in near future remains to be seen, but the Curved OLED TV does demonstrate the flexibility (literally) of the OLED technology and the potential of roll-up screens in the future which could be used in smartphones, tablets and TVs/projectors.  Is this cool or what?

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