Schiit Audio Next Gen: Magni 2 and Modi 2

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Schiit Magni 2 and Modi 2

Schiit Audio is following up their original Magni headphone amplifier and Modi USB DAC that were introduced about two years ago, with next generation: Magni 2 and Modi 2 models, as well as Uber models of each of these latest versions.  The Magni 2 and Modi 2 hold at the same price as the original but have added flexibility and performance, while the Magni 2 Uber and Modi 2 Uber take the up the performance level even further, while still remaing very affodable.   

The Magni 2 now has gain switching and the Modi 2 now has 24/192 capability.  The Uber Magni 2 adds preamp outputs and higher power, while the Modi 2 Uber is  essentially a mini-Bifrost, with optical, coaxial, and USB inputs.  
Next Gen Models and Pricing:
Magni 2: all-new discrete headphone amp with 1.2W RMS per channel and switchable high/low gain, together with a refined constant-feedback gain stage at $99 U.S. 
Magni 2 Uber: all-new discrete headphone amp with 1.5W RMS per channel, switchable high/low gain, preamp outputs, and even more sophisticated constant-feedback gain stage, as well as 24VA wall transformer (3x larger than Magni) and aluminum top chassis and knob – for $149 U.S.
Modi 2: all-new USB asynchronous DAC with switchable USB Class 1 and Class 2 modes. USB Class 1 remains driverless for all supported computers, USB Class 2 adds 24/192 capability, but requires drivers for Windows – for $99 U.S.
Modi 2 Uber: all-new USB, optical, and coaxial three-input DAC running full USB Class 2 for 24/192 capability through all inputs. Essentially a mini Bifrost. AC linear power supply with included 8VA wall transformer. Aluminum pushbutton and top chassis – for $149 U.S.
All Schiit products are Made in the USA.  The Magni 2, Magni 2 Uber, Modi 2 and Modi 2 Uber are all now available.  Look for more details at:

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