Sennheiser Orpheus Reference Headphone System

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Sennheiser Orpheus
Sennheiser has announced a new headphone system, a successor to their legendary Orpheus; one carrying the same famous name. The new Orpheus reference headphone system is hailed by Sennheiser as having the lowest measured total harmonic distortion of any audio reproduction system and the best headphone system in the world. The new Orpheus will be hand-crafted in Germany beginning 2016.

Sennheiser boldly claims that the new Orpheus headphone system surpasses every other headphone system in the world in terms of reproduction precision, spatiality and frequency response.

The Sennheiser team of experts have spend almost a decade in developing the new Orpheus. It uses an innovative amplifier concept that brings together tubes with transistors for amplification.

The Orpheus, when inactive, has a simple appearance, as all the components are retracted, leaving its sculpted lines to be appreciated. Pushing the power / volume control brings the Orpheus to life – the control elements, each of which are crafted from a single piece of brass and then plated with chrome, slowly extend from the marble housing, before the vacuum tubes enclosed in quartz glass bulbs rise from the base and start to glow. Finally, a glass cover is raised, allowing the headphones with ear cups finished in genuine leather to be removed.

The Orpheus is comprised of more than 6,000 components, each specifically chosen for outstanding acoustic performance. These audio specialist exclusive components include: gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporized diaphragms. The marble that Sennheiser chose for the amplifier housing comes from Carrara in Italy and is the same type of marble that Michelangelo used to create his sculptures.

The new Sennheiser Orpheus electrostatic reference headphone system will have a price of approximately €50,000 (North American pricing soon to be announced). For more information on the new Orpheus 70th anniversary headphone – please visit:

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