Synergistic Research Atmosphere Series Headphone Cables

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Synergistic Research - Senheiser cable

Synergistic Research has just release their highest resolution headphone cable series – the Atmosphere Series Headphone Cables – specifically designed for Audeze and Sennheiser headphones.

The all-new Atmosphere Series Headphone Cables, have been developed with custom connections for the Sennheiser HD 800 and Audeze LCD-3 & LCD-4 headphone. Atmosphere Headphone Cables featuring the World’s first use of Graphene, our UEF Technology and silver alloy conductors in an air-string geometry, all to ensure you a high resolution world-class Headphone Cable. The new cables have been designed to be extremely flexible and lightweight to enhance their ease of use and comfort.

Synergistic Research - Audeze Cable
Audeze LCD-3 with Atmosphere Headphone Cable – Available in 1/4″ Stereo, Dual XLR & 4 Pin XLR Termination

Atmosphere Headphone Cables – Features:
• Graphene conductors – a super conductor with 8 million times the conductive density of copper
• Exceptional flexibility, lightweight and slender
• Highest resolution capability
• Standard with (2) ECT’s for placement on headphones to improve holography and sound field scale
• Hand Made in California, U.S.A.
• 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

The all-new Synergistic Research Atmosphere Headphone Cables for Senheiser HD 800 and Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-4 headphones are currently available at a MSRP of: $ 695.00 U.S / 2.5 Meter finished set. Look for more information to become available at:

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