UPDATE Fortnite Season 11 : Epic Plays Ultimate Black Hole Prank, “It’s Gone”

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For those of you who had a busy weekend, or were spending the Canadian Thanksgiving eating turkey and visiting loved ones, you may have missed the biggest event in Fortnite history. Here’s an update for those of you just joining the party:

On Sunday, Oct. 14th, the Fortnite community experienced the ultimate trolling from their very own creator, Epic Games. During what was supposed to be the much-anticipated launch of the game’s eleventh season (update), the Fortnite community gathered to witness what was rumored to be the release of a brand new map. 

Popular streamers like CouRageJD, TimTheTatman, and Tfue live broadcast the event to millions of viewers on the Twitch platform. After roughly five minutes of cinematic-induced anxiety, the world of Fortnite was destroyed and reduced to a mere black hole in the middle of the screen, with nothing but a red exit button in the bottom right corner. 

After checking Fortnite’s numerous social media accounts, gamers realized that they had become a part of the game’s most monumental schemes, as nothing but photos of darkness and ominous black holes were posted. Over the course of multiple hours, the entirety of the Fortnite community was forced to stare at a black hole on-screen, waiting for a sign that the update would resume as scheduled. 

Fortnite 2019

After multiple hours, a random series of numbers were revealed alongside the black hole: 146, 11, 15, and 62. The second set of numbers were revealed at 5:07PM EST: 87, 14, 106, 2, and 150.

As expected, the Fortnite community has spent the last day attempting to decode these numbers, some of which are convinced it’s the ultimate trolling by Epic Games, while others believe it has a much more philosophical meaning. One theorist typed the initial set of numbers into Google Maps, only to be met with photos of a “crab rave,” while another used an elaborate method, taking fragments of the game’s antagonist’s monologue to create new phrases. The new result is much more chilling than a “crab rave” meme: 

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“I was not alone. Others were outside the Loop. This was not calculated. The moment is now inevitable.” – The Visitor.

Despite elaborate theories, dozens of unanswered questions, and millions of baffled gamers, Fortnite remains locked behind the ominous black hole with no end in site. It’s been roughly 24 hours, and the Fortnite community has not given up hope, patiently awaiting the arrival of Season 11. Just to add to the suspense, Fortnite is currently live streaming the event on their YouTube channel, where thousands of people are still looking at the same black hole that emerged yesterday. 

… | Fortnite 2019

Elaborate theories aside, we have a feeling this event was created to boost the game’s trending status and give the developers some time to work out the bugs in the new update. After all, updating a game that millions of people play daily without some sort of downtime is impossible. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the current status of Fortnite’s Season 11! We’ll be sure to recap the event’s wildest memes and theories once this is all over.

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