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Urban Fidelity, a new loudspeaker manufacturing company, has just announced the release of their new Urban Fidelity Art Speakers. This new speaker product combines an open-baffle, single-driver design with fresh artwork in an eco-friendly construction at a reasonable price. Urban Fidelity Art Speakers are made in Los Angeles, California.

Urban Fidelity speakers are truly unique in the world of affordable audio – and not just in aesthetics. Our Air Flow Driver is designed to work in the open air without the constraints of a pressboard box. Urban Fidelity claims that by sending sound both forward and backward, their speaker mimics live music, creating an incredibly lifelike presentation and huge soundstage.

The Air Flow driver features a double cone design to produce the high frequencies, thus eliminating the need for a separate tweeter and the sound-degrading crossover. Using one high-quality driver — rather than multiple cheaper separate drivers — produces a sound that is far more accurate, nuanced and complete. You’ll hear details in your music you’ve never heard before.

Urban Fidelity has turned to innovative indie artists for artwork to adorn their speakers and state that they consider these artists part of our family, with a generous portion of each speaker sale going directly to the featured artist.

Urban Fidelity aims to provide an ecologically friendly speaker product by using only formaldehyde-free wood, and water-based paints and inks.

High resolution eight color printing, similar to that used for gallery-grade prints and photographs is utilized to ensure the final image is beautiful and stays beautiful for years to come.

Frequency range: mid-50Hz to 20kHz
Power handling: 8 to 80 watts
Sensitivity: 87dB, 8 ohms impedance
Dimensions: 13″ wide x 13″ deep x 41″ tall (artwork 40″ x 11.25″)
Air Flow Driver: 8″ double cone, cast aluminum frame, ceramic magnet
5-way gold plated binding posts accept banana plugs, spades and bare wire
Printing: eight color printing, matte finish on both artwork and speaker

Urban Fidelity Art Speakers are currently available for order at a discounted price of $269 U.S. via Kickstarter, with regular MSRP of $399 U.S.

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