Polk Audio TSx Loudspeaker Line

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Polk Audio TSx Series

Polk Audio, introduced their high-value TSi speaker lineup back in 2008.  Now, five years later, the TSi line has been completely redesigned under a new line – the TSx speaker line.  The new TSx line introduces new curvilinear cabinet designs, improved bass, greater dynamic range, improved imaging, greater detail and higher sensitivity.

The revamped TSx speaker line, has new voicing, with an emphasis on the accurate reproduction of high frequencies, improved bass using larger 6.5” specially formulated fibrous bilaminate substrate cones made of pulp infused special polymer compounds that improve stiffening without adding mass.

The new TSx line features the following models:

– TSx 550T, tower loudspeaker with 1″ Dynamic Balance Tweeter, two 5.25” midrange/mid bass drivers, in a new three-way design that includes two 8-inch low frequency drivers with a 3″ front firing flared port – MSRP: $999 U.S. /pair.

– TSx 440T, tower loudspeaker with 1″ Dynamic Balance Tweeter, three 6.5″ midrange drivers and a 3″ front firing flared port – MSRP: $699 U.S. /pair; 

– TSx 330T, tower loudspeaker with 1” tweeter and 3″ front firing flared port, with two 6.5″ midrange drivers – MSRP: $499 U.S. / pair;

 – TSx 220B, bookshelf speaker, with 1” tweeter and 6.5” driver – MSRP: $299 U.S. / pair;

– TSx 110B, bookshelf speaker, with 1” tweeter and 5.25” driver – MSRP: $199 U.S./pair;

– TSx 150C, centre speaker, with 1″ Dynamic Balance Tweeter and two 5.25″ midrange drivers and a 2″ inch rear firing flared port – MSRP: $199 U.S. / pair;

– TSx 250C, centre speaker, with 1″ Dynamic Balance Tweeter, two 6.5″ midrange drivers, and a 2″ inch rear firing flared port – MSRP: $299 U.S. / pair.

All of the TSx series speakers come with high-quality five-way binding post speaker connections and a choice of Black Oak or Cherry finishes.  Availability is expected in Q2 2013.  Look for more details at: www.polkaudio.com.

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