47 Labs Midnight Blue Series Headphone/Pre-Amp with USB/DAC

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Looking for something new to drive those cans?  For those who haven’t caught on cans = headphones and for those seriously into their cans, just an iPod will never do.  So the announcement of a new headphone / pre-amp from 47 Labs, may be something that tickles your fancy. 

The Model 4733 Midnight Blue is possibly one of the more flexible headphone / pre-amplifiers out there.  It incorporates a headphone amp with a pre-amp and an onboard USB/DAC.  It also has a 2 watt into 8ohms output, which will allow it to even drive sensitive speakers, without adding on a power amplifier.  The 4733, along with a USB input has coaxial and 2 x RCA inputs.  Simplicity in circuit design is it’s promise for quality sound. 

MSRP is: $1750 U.S.

Look for more details at:  http://www.sakurasystems.com

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