Audez’e Reality-1 Speaker & LCD-3 Headphones

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Audez’e, an audio product company that specializes in planar magnetic speaker technology has just announced their new Reality-1, nearfield planar magnetic studio monitor as well as their new top of the line LCD-3 headphone.

The Reality-1 features Alpha Drive, a next generation planar magnetic transducer that is said to be unique in the market. The single transducer is almost a full range driver with a frequency response of 150Hz to 30KHz. The planar driver is matched with two dynamic woofers that deliver the bass frequencies. A unique enclosure and a low crossover at 250Hz are employed to increase performance. The speaker includes two custom-built DSP and amplifier modules.

Audez’e is also introducing their LCD-3, top-tier, luxury headphone, which is based on their LCD-2. The LCD-3 features a completely re-designed Planar Transducer with the all-new LOTUS diaphragm. The LCD-3 driver is housed with a carefully selected and paired Zebra wood (Zebrano) enclosure.

Audez’e will be demonstrating the Reality-1 for the first time and showing their LCD-3 headphones, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, October 14-16.

The LCD-3 headphone will be available on Nov. 11, 2011 at a MSRP of: $1,945 U.S. While pricing and availability of the Reality-1 is yet to be announced.

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