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Audiowood, a California based specialty audio product company, has just introduced a new bamboo series of audio products. The new products are designed and sustainably manufactured in the US using Plyboo brand solid bamboo. The new series includes the following products:

Glow Audio Desktop Stands: little solid-bamboo stands that raise Glow Voice One speakers up to the ideal height for desktop listening. Available in amber or natural finish. MSRP: $80/pair U.S.

Glow Audio Floor Stands: convert Glow Audio Voice One speakers into floorstanding speakers. Feature: hidden cable routing; removable, adjustable spike feet; rubber foot pads; natural bamboo polyurethane finish. MSRP: $218/pair U.S.

Perch: shelf/stand for the iPad2 with a 3′ Apple certified usb synching cable and a passive horn-type sound chamber that enhances the sound of the iPad’s speaker. Designed for desktop or wall mounting. MSRP: $95 U.S.

Aerie: wall-hung home theater console with integral left/center/right Seas coaxial speakers and 2 equipment bays. MSRP: $3,250 U.S.

Chirp: turntable with Music Hall components and Tracker cartridge that has a 3-ply bamboo plinth in a natural finish. MSRP: $775 U.S.

Bamboo Scrappy iPhone Nest: iPhone docking station with 3′ Apple certified usb cord that is built from bamboo scrapwood and a birch twig. MSRP: $50 U.S.

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