Axiom Audio Omnidirectional Linear Field Radiating Speakers

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Axiom Audio has just revealed its brand new Omnidirectional Linear Field Radiating Speaker.  The new speaker has been brought to life thanks to the work of Audio Engineer Andrew Welker and Axiom President and Founder, Ian Colquhoun, and marks a departure from Axiom’s traditional loudspeaker designs.

Among the many innovations used in this speaker, it features 11 drivers, front and rear, which are controlled by a total of two stereo DSPs.  The sophisticated tailoring of each DSP section provides the incredible depth of soundfield audiophiles crave in a speaker, but with the same neutral tonal balance and pinpoint imaging for which Axiom speakers are renowned.

The speaker, with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms front and rear, requires four matched channels of amplification: right front, right rear, left front, and left rear. 

Although from the front the shape appears to be the same anti-standing-wave design that characterizes the rest of the Axiom lineup, a closer inspection will reveal that the rear baffle is angled slightly outward, thus designating the channels Right and Left. 

The speakers come with a four-channel balanced DSP in its own case which sits between the preamplifier and the amplifiers.  It accepts the main right and left channels from the preamplifier and outputs 4 channels, 2 for the right speaker and 2 for the left speaker, to the amplifiers.

The innovative internal design is matched externally with a three-part angled grille that is available in all the same colors, or with alternating colors for a contemporary luxury look.  The base models come in Boston Cherry or Black Oak and begin at $3,760 USD per pair, including delivery anywhere in Canada or the USA.  Optional real wood and custom vinyl finishes are also available for the speakers.

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