Dynaudio Xeo Wireless Loudspeakers Available Now

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Dynaudio recently unveiled the compact Xeo X3 ($2,300/pair) bookshelf and the slim Xeo X5 ($4,500/pair) floorstanding loudspeakers at CES to great fanfare. As wireless, remote controlled actively-powered loudspeaker offering the convenience of wireless operation and the advantages of a fully active loudspeaker concept featuring digital sound processing, the Xeo delivers the sound quality and high level of technology that Dynaudio has become renowned for.

Each Xeo model is supplied with a Xeo transmitter and a remote control. Xeo requires no software or internet connection and instantly sets up its own 2.4 Ghz A-to-B network.

Plug and play

The transmitter communicates to the internal amplifier in the Xeo loudspeaker, with no need for any further connection to a router or LAN. No software, plug-in or IP address is needed; the Xeo loudspeakers only need to be connected to the mains power. The Xeo Transmitter facilitates connection to multiple sources, receiving the music signal from each source and transmitting it wirelessly to the Xeo loudspeakers. The Xeo Transmitter converts a digital, wireless signal, sending such at full CD resolution (up to 16 bit/48 kHz) to the Xeo 3 or Xeo 5 loudspeakers. The Xeo Transmitter supports files up to 24 bit/48 kHz. Depending on room shapes and wall construction, one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries. The Xeo transmitter features both an optical (Toslink) digital input as well as a mini USB digital input, allowing connection to the digital output of myriad audio components, while two analog inputs – a stereo mini jack for connecting an iPod or personal media player, as well as a set of RCA stereo inputs allowing connection to any existing hi-fi system are on offer. If connected via USB, the Xeo Transmitter doesn’t require an external power adapter. When connected to Toslink optical cable, or analogue via RCA Stereo cable or 3.5 mm Minijack cable, without any USB connection, however, the Xeo Transmitter must be powered by the compact mains power adapter (included). A starter set of compatible cables is included.

Fully remote-controlled

The Xeo remote control allows for source selection between these three available inputs as well as powering the speakers on, setting the volume level, choosing a sound source, and switching the speakers off. The remote control functions include: Power On/Off, Volume, Mute, and Input selection. The Xeo remote can be used to engage a fixed output level to enable a one-time adjustment.

Multi-room made easy

One single Xeo Transmitter can also supply wireless sound to a second pair of Xeo loudpeakers in a second room, and even to a third pair of (Xeo) speakers in a third room – allowing for wireless multi-room/multi-zone installations. Thus up to three pair of Xeo loudspeakers can be operated by a single Xeo transmitter. Since each pair of Xeo loudspeakers includes its own remote control, the Xeo loudspeakers are not only capable of wirelessly playback, but in a multi-room/multi-zone system, each of up to three pair of Xeo loudspeaker can independently play a separate source from one single Xeo Transmitter – with independent volume control in each room or zone. For listening to Stereo music, a switch on the back panel of each speaker is used to select one Xeo as the Left or Right channel. Either speaker can also be set to Mono. If additional Xeo speaker pairs are installed in different rooms, a second switch is used to define the Xeo speaker as belonging to Room/Zone 1, 2 or 3. The Xeo remote control facilitates the selection of source input, volume, or powering the speakers on and off, for each set of speakers in each or any room.

Infinite connectivity options

The Xeo connectivity options are seemingly infinite: the Xeo transmitter can connect to the headphone out from an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Walkman – or any other personal media player – as well as the headphone output of a television or computer via the Minijack analog input. The RCA stereo analog inputs allow connection to myriad audio components – anything that plays music – be it an analog source including tape, tuner or turntable – as well as any hard disk, Network Player, CD player or DAC. Xeo can connect to an existing hifi system via the pre outs of such. The sound card of a computer could also be connected via the stereo inputs, and if a TV or monitor features stereo outputs, the Xeo transmitter could be connected to deliver wireless high end sound from your TV. The Xeo Transmitter can connect to the USB port of a computer, in which case the transmitter draws power from the USB port and the power adapter is not needed. One simply would go to the computer’s “Audio Settings” and choose “Xeo Sound Device” as the output medium. Xeo can also connect to the optical (Toslink) digital audio output of any digital audio source, including cable and satellite receivers in addition to DACs, CD players and transports, or iPod/iPad docking stations – and also to the digital output available in the Apple MacBook Pro or Mac Mini computers, which can be used instead of USB. Simply connect the Xeo Transmitter to the optical output of the device, and plug in the power adapter. Xeo is an ideal speaker to partner to a network client such as Sonos or Squeezebox; one can connect the Xeo Transmitter to the stereo audio output of the network client, and plug in the power adapter, and if a optical Toslink digital audio output is available simply connect the Xeo Transmitter to the optical output of the network client, and plug in the power adapter. Thanks to its advanced digital amplifier and digital sound processing, the Xeo Loudspeakers are much more energy efficient than traditional amplifier/loudspeaker combinations. Even when playing at high SPL levels, the Xeo speakers only need a few Watts, while the Transmitter runs on a few Microwatts. When a music signal is not detected, the Xeo speakers automatically switch into energy-saving standby-mode, in which they consume a mere half (0.5) Watt.

For more info, please visit www.dynaudiousa.com

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