Focal Chorus 700 Loudspeaker

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Focus Chorus 700

Focal has just launched their new Chorus 700 speaker line-up at CES 2013.  The new Chorus 700 line replaces the six year old Chorus 700V series.  The first noticeable difference in the new Chorus 700 line is the exterior styling.  Unlike the former Chorus V, which had styling that could be considered avant-garde, the new Chorus line, in dropping the “V” has taken a more classic and conservative approach to styling.   

The new models continue to use the Focal developed and built Polyglas mid/bass drivers and aluminium/magnesium tweeters that have been used in 700Vs.  The enclosures use a combination of 18mm and 24mm MDF with structural bracing, and a new Black Style finish will be an option, which combines a textured leather-like finish with high gloss detailing.

The new Chorus 700 series models are expected to be available between February and April 2013 with prices ranging from $495 U.S./pr for the 705 up to $1695 U.S./pr for the floorstanding 726.  Look for more details on the new Chorus 700 line at:


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