Jamo 360 Series Speakers

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Jamo, a Klipsch Group brand, has just announced their Jamo 360 Series speakers.  The new series is intended to provide audio performance, while making a visual statement.

Challenging traditional in box-speaker design, the Jamo 360 Series satellite and center channel speakers introduce fresh, high-design form factors that are intended to showcase simplicity and elegance by way of spherical bodies.

Jamo has stated that this new 360 Series combines Danish design and Jamo audio performance at their finest. Design and engineering has been done to provide listeners with an open, clear and undeniably musical sound, while integrating beautifully with contemporary decor.

The Jamo 360 Series is comprised of three models, including two satellite speakers (360 S 25 and 360 S 35) and one center channel speaker (360 C 35).  Available for purchase in two 5.0 passive home theater packages, the 360 S 35 HCS is equipped with four 360 S 35 speakers and a 360 C 35 center channel, while the 360 S 25 HCS features five 360 S 25 speakers. The recommended subwoofer for use with either system is the Jamo Sub 800.

Engineered with exclusive Omnipolar technology, Jamo 360 Series speakers utilize innovative tweeter and woofer baffle positioning to disperse sound equally in all directions to allow for limitless positioning options. Incorporated across the three products are lightweight and generously-sized-given the small speakers-aluminum dome tweeters capable of advanced power handling and coverage of a larger frequency range for distinctive detail. Long-throw woofers enable the movement of more air to register significantly low frequencies for extended bass response.

Each 360 HCS system is available in a high-gloss black or high-gloss white finish, with each possessing brushed-aluminum bases and unique, high-gloss metallic grilles to ensure cohesiveness with any living environment. Featuring high-quality aluminum posts and alloy bases, the speakers can be adjusted to ensure easy wall mounting. Included binding posts that are integrated into the aluminum alloy bases also make for clean cable management-eliminating the eye sore of unkempt wires.

The Jamo 360 S 35 HCS and 360 S 25 HCS will be available for purchase at authorized retailers in November 2012.  Look for more details at: www.Jamo.com.

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