Naim FraimLite Audio Racks

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An attractive, high quality audio rack will not only give your audio system a visual appeal, it can also improve the performance of your audio system.

Naim’s equipment support system Fraim, first launched in 2002, has just been expanded to include a new entry-level variant: FraimLite. The range now consists of two models: the reference Fraim and entry-level FraimLite equipment support systems.   The supports systems are now sourced from the same company that supplies the Ovator cabinets, allowing for better system matching between Naim loudspeakers and Fraim models. FraimLite is a stripped-back version of the reference-level Fraim, making it less expensive and easier to set up. The two models share the same components with the only notable differences (other than performance levels) being that the Fraim features a glass shelving system and a double-level base. FraimLite features a wooden shelf and a single-level base.

FraimLite Features

Increased choice – Two equipment support system models to choose from depending on budget.

Configurable to the system – Customer can configure spacing between shelves depending on the height of their components.

Expandable system – Customer can add or remove levels as required.

Shared components for mix and match – Customer has the choice of all Fraim or FraimLite or combination system featuring levels from both systems. A customer might prefer to invest in reference Fraim for their critical source components and FraimLite for their other components.

Upgrade path – Customer could start with a FraimLite system and upgrade levels to Fraim on an individual level-by-level basis as funds permit, much as they would add new or replace existing electronic components.

Choice of finishes – A variety of options for uprights and shelving finishes available.


Both Fraim and FraimLite will be available in a choice of ash, cherry and black ash, and natural anodised (silver) and black aluminium uprights.


Customers also have the option with FraimLite of purchasing twin-packs, either a base + level or two levels (available for standard height only), which will be more cost effective than purchasing single levels. As with the Fraim, FraimLite base and levels can be purchased individually.

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