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By Suave Kajko, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, NOVO Magazine

Happy New Year to all of our readers — may all of your musical and tech wishes come true in 2020!

We’ve taken a bit of a break from publishing new content on the site over the last several weeks but starting this week we’re back at our desks and ready to roll out new content on a regular basis.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, starting in January 2020 NOVO magazine will be published online only – as we continue to evolve with the times. It’s no secret that newspapers and magazines in print have been disappearing from newsstands around the globe, as an increasing number of readers turn to the web for all their news. As a reaction to this trend, today’s advertisers also prefer to work with online publications were advertising is more affordable and capable of reaching a much wider consumer audience.

Although it is a little sad to let go of the print edition of NOVO after 16 years, I believe that the transition to the web will offer both our readers and advertisers some significant advantages.

Readers will gain access to all of our reviews and feature articles much sooner than in the past. Previously there was a several week delay between the publishing of the print edition and the time all the articles from each edition made their way online.

Advertisers on the other hand will benefit from reduced rates, data analytics and see content about their products published much quicker.

There are a couple of other very important advantages to going all-digital. I have long been an avid supporter of pro-environmental efforts and I’m very pleased that our carbon footprint will be reduced massively by eliminating the print edition. No more trees will be destroyed, no more toxic inks will be used to print the pages and no more vehicles will be used to deliver the magazines to stores. Further to this, going completely digital will also eliminate the challenges we have faced over the years as a publication that existed in print only in Canada. Shifting all of our efforts to the web will make NOVO magazine a truly international publication that connects with more readers from around the world than ever before. This in turn should make the publication inviting to a larger number of advertisers from abroad.

So once again, I would like to wish you a great 2020 and hope that you will continue to enjoy the content that we’ll deliver at throughout this year and beyond!

Happy Listening!

Suave Kajko, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, NOVO Magazine

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    After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 2002, Suave turned his attention to his passion for audio, video and technology in general. Through hands on experience with an extensive number of audio video products, Suave provides a real world, expert perspective on the latest products and the technology surrounding them. As an enthusiast, he shows a true passion in his writing that is easy to understand by all consumers. Aside from contributing to NOVO, Suave has also written about audio for special sections of The Toronto Star, Son et Image Magazine (FSI Guide) and appeared several times on television. More recently Suave was interviewed and quoted in articles for the Globe and Mail and In 2010, Suave launched the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES), an annual consumer trade show that has witnessed tremendous growth year after year.  In 2014, the show was expanded to include a new technology & innovation pavilion and rebranded as the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show.  As of 2016, the show attracts over 7,600 attendees and exhibitors from around the globe.  TAVES showcases cutting-edge technology and innovation in the most exciting categories: virtual reality, drones, wearables, health & fitness, gaming, audio, home theater, robotics, 3D printing, personal transportation, smart devices and electric vehicles.  For more info, please visit

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