MGear: Perfect Gifts For Father’s Day (June 21). Personalized MGear Products

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Save 10% off all items with code DADGEAR and get a FREE personalized message on all wallets!

MGear is all about crafting one of a kind, customized products designed to suit everyday heroes like your dad. The innovative MGear Gadget Wallet 2.0 is a badass minimalist wallet and a perfect father day’s gift because it’s completely customizable.

Start by selecting the features you want like the texture, card capacity and 1 of 5 upgrades which include options like a removable money clip, various multi-tools, an emergency key / coin holder, a flashlight, a leather holster and more.

Next, customize this wallet’s front plate or money clip with your father’s name, his favorite logo or even a personal message. That’s it – your dad will soon be the owner of the coolest wallet he’s ever owned! Of course, the wallet is just one of many customizable MGear products – check out the MGear Web Shop to see all the best father’s day gifts!

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