PNY Smart Active High Speed HDMI Cable

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PNY Technologies, Inc. (“PNY”) has just announced a new cable in their Smart Active High Speed HDMI Cables line. The 16ft. White Smart Active HDMI Cable is an active cable with HDMI type-A connectors that comes in high-gloss white.

Particularly designed with Apple devices in mind, included form and finish, and custom designed end-caps, the PNY HDMI cable is perfect for connecting your iDevice to your HDMI compatible display device using Apple’s Digital AV Adapter. The PNY HDMI cable will also work directly with any HDMI equipped device. The 16-foot slim and flexible cable allows for many more alternatives in the positioning of source and display devices.

Smart Active HDMI Cables by PNY incorporate an integrated circuit (IC) technology that enables superior signal quality. The IC guarantees 10.2Gbps bandwidth that helps to ensure flawless 1080p HD video and audio signals. At a slender 3.5mm diameter, PNY’s White Smart Active HDMI Cables are also approximately 70% thinner than standard passive HDMI cables.

PNY offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their Active HDMI Cable types. Users have a standard 1-year out of box warranty, extended to the lifetime of the original purchaser upon completion of product registration within 90 days of purchase.

The PNY Smart Active High Speed HDMI Cable in White is currently available for purchase at a MSRP of: $39.99 U.S.

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