Premier Mounts “lowPRO” Flat-Panel Mount

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Premier Mounts, a manufacturer of A/V mounts, carts & stands, and accessories, has released a number of new products this June. One of these new products is their new “lowPRO” ultra-slim swingout flat-panel mount. With the ever thinning flat panels comes the desire for slimmer mounts. After all, why should a mount be thicker than a TV?

The “lowPRO” mounting wall plate provides three options for the swing arm placement, allowing the mount to swing out from the left, right or center, based on the installation requirements. The swingout arm can extend 30” from the wall and provides 15° of downward tilt to adjust for viewing angle. The slim and lightweight aluminum mount retracts smoothly and easily to very thin 1.46” from the wall. To keep power and cables protected when pulling or pushing the display, the mount comes complete with cable management channels built into the arm. The open base plate allows access to power outlets. The mounting brackets as well as the mounting back plate are removable. This design provides users separate wall and flat-panel installation options. Another feature that adds to the mounts’ versatility is the post-installation levelling system, which enables both fine-tuned vertical adjustment and screen rotation.

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