Procella Audio DA-2800 / DSP 4-Channel Amplifier

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Procella Audio, an Italian manufacturer of high-output speaker systems for home, professional cinema and music applications, has just announced the debut of their first power amplifier, the new DA-2800.

The DA-2800 is a 4-channel rack-mount amplifier rated at a total output power of 2,800 Watts into 4 ohms or 700 Watts per channel into 4 ohms / 360 Watts per channel into 8 ohms. Channel pairs can also be bridged, producing 1,400 watts at 8 ohms. Multiple power supplies with vast power reserves assure the maximum dynamic range. Two versions of the four channel amplifier are available: the standard DA-2800 and DA-2800DSP. The DSP version adds onboard DSP for each channel, with the pre-programmed DSP settings being useable as an active crossover or to optimize the frequency response of connected speakers.

The DA-2800 hardware is manufactured for Procella Audio in Italy. The DSP software programming is proprietary to Procella Audio and programming and final QA are performed at Procella Audio’s factory in Sweden.

The standard DA-2800DSP has its presets pre-programmed at the factory to accommodate the majority of Procella models. Custom preset programming, per the customer’s request, is also available when the amplifier is special ordered in advance, suitable for use with unique system configurations. The non-DSP DA-2800 can be used for speakers and system channels where DSP is not required.

Multiple speaker models can be driven simultaneously by DA-2800, depending on system requirements. For example, two or three channels of the amplifier’s four channels can be used for main speakers, with a remaining channel used to drive a subwoofer.

The amplifier’s class-D design his highly efficient, enabling its very high output capability in a very compact and lightweight chassis. Occupying only a single rack unit in height, it weighs a mere 7.4 Kg (16.3 lbs.).

In accordance with professional audio practices, balanced XLR connectors are used for all inputs. Pairs of inputs can be linked when a single input needs to be fed to two output channels. Termination of the speaker cables and connection to the amplifier are through pro Neutrik Speakon connectors, which are provided with each amplifier.

Independent front panel level control are provided for each channel. A series of four front panel LEDs for each channel display operational status and output level. The LEDs indicate the presence of an input signal, levels of -18 dB and -6 dB respectively, and clipping. Another LED indicates overall amplifier ready status and when thermal protection is activated. An internal fan operates as needed to maintain safe operational temperatures under all normal operating conditions.

The DA-2800DSP version also an Ethernet control interface with rotary address switches, which enables remote monitoring, operational control and remote programming. Designed for Procella markets worldwide, the amplifier will operate in either 115V or 230V modes, with selection of the proper mode made through internal switching.

To enable the use of the DA-2800DSP with Procella models previously available only with onboard power amplifiers, Procella has introduced “FP” versions of the P815, P18, P15 and P10. These models provide binding post inputs on a flat panel that takes the place of the amplifier originally mounted to the speaker cabinet. Otherwise identical to the original versions of the speakers, the FP models allow the power amplifiers to be mounted in the system rack, effectively moving them from behind projection screens or walls where the speakers are mounted. The original versions of these speaker models remain available in the Procella speaker lineup.

The DA-2800 amplifiers have a four year parts and labor warranty and are shipping now worldwide. MSRP for the DA-2800DSP is $5,999 U.S. and $4,699 U.S. for the standard DA-2800.

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