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Sonus faber has just introduced the Aida, a new speaker the company calls “as grandiose as a Guiseppe Verdi opera, able to radically renew and at the same time express the unchanging Sonus Faber values”.  The company says that just as Guiseppe Verdi signaled a turning point in opera, the Aida speaker aims at absolute excellence.  At $120,000 US for a pair, the price is as grandiose as the speakers themselves.

As always, in this new Sonus faber project innovation is key: the 3.5 way floor speaker is characterized by its ‘lyre’ shape which, compared to previous solutions implemented, significantly increases the structural strength and guarantees excellent management of the energy produced inside the speaker. The complex deadening system implemented eliminates the final traces of any possible resonance: the internal walls and the external ‘wing’, both with dual curves in multi-layered cross veined okume, are technically employed with a decoupling system made up of a layer of a viscous insulating material, thus implementing the technique of ‘constrained layer damping’ at the highest level.

The electro-acoustic project is made up of the ‘Bound soul’, an anti-vibrational axle in non-magnetic alloy steel which binds the internal spaces for the frontal-main emission drivers, the ‘Tuned Mass Damper’, an element designed to handle dispersion and spurious vibrations, the ‘Stealth Reflex’, which provides important advantages in terms of extension and reduction of low frequency distortion, and the ‘Z.V.T’ (Zero Vibration Transmission) patent deriving from the flagship ‘the Sonus Faber’ and instrumental in the decoupling of the speaker from the floor. For sound reproduction , Aida boasts the patented ‘Sound field Shaper’ which allows for a balance between direct and indirect emission.

The absolute innovation in Aida is found in the hybrid suspension called ‘Bow Spring’, that uses a ‘crossbow’ drawn to flexing point and elastomer with progressive yielding, in order to reduce spurious resonance and acoustic feedback and, in terms of direct emission, the presence of the DAD ‘arrow point’ tweeter for the reproduction of high frequencies, without doubt an uncompromising choice, aimed at maintaining the set sound objectives of Sonus faber.

Design and craftsmanship also have key roles in Aida, a step towards an increasingly sophisticated market and global public. The fluid lines of Aida, tense and harmonic form the ‘lyre’ shape, ten leaves of overlaid curved okume dress the cabinet, together with vertical motif leather. Two external wings tighten in an embrace surrounding the central structure of Aida, closed at the base by the ‘Bow Spring’ crossbow in anodized avional aluminium , ‘CNC’ worked from whole pieces, and the top sees the use of a mirror in tempered glass, which highlights the timeless beauty of Aida, “proudly hand-crafted in Italy”.

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