Totem Acoustic ARC Digital HD Amplifier – Kickstarter Campaign

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Totem Acoustic ARC Digital HD Amplifier 01

Canadian speaker maker Totem Acoustic recently introduced a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of the company’s very first amplifier, designed to bridge the gap between high-quality audio and the world of digital music.  Called the ARC, this is an ultra-compact class-D amplifier which offer high-resolution USB audio and aptX Bluetooth connectivity for an astonishingly detailed sound.  All you need to add is a nice pair of speakers, like Totem’s own KIN Mini compact speakers.

The ARC’s on-board amplifier is capable of pumping out 120W into 8-ohm speakers and 170W into 4-ohm speakers, making it suitable for use with most speakers.  With it’s built-in high resolution DAC, the ARC will deliver 192 kHz, 24 bit professional quality audio, bringing out the fine detail in your music.

To learn more about ARC and support the Kickstarter campaign, please check out

Totem Acoustic ARC Digital HD Amplifier 02

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