Yamaha Soavo NS-F901 Loudspeakers

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Yamaha Soavo NS-F901

Yamaha has just introduced the next generation of their Soavo 3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker.  The Soavo NS-F901 speakers have been developed to produce a natural sound with audio purity.

Yamaha has drawn on its 125-year-old experience and audio knowledge to produce a next generation NS-901 Soavo speaker that embodies innovation and pristine natural sound quality.  Using Yamaha’s exclusive advanced polymer-injected mica diaphragm (A-PMD) midrange drivers that have extreme lightness, rigidity and stability, the NS901 Soavo can faithfully reproduce audio from high-resolution sources. Yamaha also integrates A-PMD woofers with large ferrite non-shielded magnets to provide high-drive power and ample bass volume. Aluminum dome tweeters, which provide both material hardness and responsiveness, are combined with neodymium magnets to deliver sound that smoothly links midrange and high frequency output.

The NS-F901 Soavo speakers have non-parallel surfaces, slanted partitions between the woofer and midrange sections and vertical ladder bracing to reduce vibration and achieve superior sound reproduction. To generate more powerful and accurate bass, Yamaha employs 3-way mitered construction to ensure extremely tight joints that make the speakers behave as super stable single-piece units.

The Yamaha Soavo NS-F901 is currently available in Yamaha’s signature piano black finish at a MSRP of: $2,499.95 U.S. / each.  Look for more information to become available soon at: http://www.yamaha.com/.


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