Sony Portable and Mini Systems: RDH-GTK37iP, LBT-GPX55 and LBT-GPX77

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Sony Electronics has debuted their new 2013 Shelf System and Personal Audio product lines which includes the  RDH-GTK37iP portable sound system and LBT-GPX55, and LBT-GPX77 mini-systems.

The RDH-GTK37iP is a portable sound system with 420 Watts and connectivity features, including easy connection to Near-Field Communications (NFC) enabled mobile devices or Bluetooth devices.  In addition, a front USB input allows for MP3 players and flash drives to be connected.  An integrated docking system accommodates iPod and iPhone.   The RDH-GTK37iP features a 2-way bass reflex speaker system with dual subwoofers, 420 Watts total RMS power, EQ and DJ effect controls and multicolored LED/strobe lights to display illumination effects.  It has a MSRP of $349 U.S. 

This year Sony has added their new LBT-GPX55 and LBT-GPX77 mini systems to their product lineup.  The LBT-GPX55 and LBT-DPXX77 mini systems feature 1600 watts and 1800 watts respectively, 3-way speaker systems and a single disc CD player, as well as dual front USB inputs for use with MP3 players and flash drives and also include Bluetooth audio streaming with simple NFC OneTouch pairing.  Both products feature EQ and DJ effects controls, letting consumers develop and customize their own signature sound, and the Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores life to compressed MP3 files. The LBT-GPX77 model has selectable multicolored LED illumination to pulse with the music.  The LBT-GPX55 has a MSRP of $499 U.S. with the price of the LBT-DPXX77 still pending.  

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