Meridian Audio Streaming QNAP Compatibility

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Meridian Audio has just announced that its streaming systems will be fully compatible with selected products from QNAP a leading NAS (network attached storage) as of August 5, 2013.  This allows users to grow their music collections virtually without limit, while getting the security of automatic backup and the latest RAID protection from hard-disk failure. Meridian will also now be offering a plugin for dBpoweramp’s popular Music Converter and powerful CD Ripper, allowing easy, quick and precise ripping and conversion.

Meridian offers streaming solutions that can provide whole house high quality audio.  In addition control can be performed from iPad, iPhone, the free Core Control App, or a dedicated touch panel, such as Meridian’s Control 15, 17-inch touchscreen.  Using a Meridian system, listeners can enjoy an entire music collection or favourite internet radio stations at the touch of a button.

For a closer look at Meridian’s streaming options and system set-up details click here:



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